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A Feast of Poetry is an annual poetry writing competition and festival. Held in the beautiful gardens of the historic Raglan Gallery and Cultural Centre Cooma NSW. The program includes performances by visiting poets, musicians, talented local poets and finalists in both children’s and adults’ sections of the competition.

  • Founded and Established in 2003 by Lucy Nesci  – formerly Bracher.
  • 1st informal meeting 18th September 2003 at the Chelsea Coffee shop, Cooma.
  • The first A Feast of Poetry event held at the Raglan Gallery 3rd April 2004, to coincide with the 150 year celebration of the Raglan Gallery
  • Now in its 10th year A Feast of poetry is an annual poetry competition, with a presentation day in November at the Cooma Raglan gallery to announce the finalist and winners.
  • This is a Cooma based creative writing event, a festival which celebrates all forms of poetry for all ages and has now gone nation wide.
  • There are sections for adult open and bush poetry, as well as infants, primary and secondary school students.
  • Winners of the competition will also have their work published in a poetry collection published each year by the Feast of Poetry committee. Every entrant has the opportunity to have their work selected for the publication.
  • A Feast of Poetry is a not-for-profit community group coordinated by a committee of volunteers who hope to foster a love of poetry in children and adults.
  • In 2012 we included a music section into the competition working with Allan Spencer, our aim is to expand our program into a small festival incorporating new elements such as poetry to music/performing arts and poetry to visual arts in collaboration with the Cooma School of Music and the Raglan Gallery & be included in the whole weekend of the Busking, Snowy Ride & Car Club.



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